Benjamin Ethal

In-Game Information
Alias/es: Benjamin Ethal


Short Circuit

Gender: Male
Birthplace: St. Lawrence, Missouri
Species/Race: Human, Caucasian-American
Misc. Information
Family Member/s: Unnamed Wife (Unknown)

Becca Ethal (Deceased) Gabby Ethal (Unknown)

Current status: Imprisoned
Location: Unknown Super Max Prison
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by: N/A
Appears in: Nightfall: Hell on Earth

Nightfall: Winterlong (Mentioned) Toshiko Crash-Up (Cameo)

"Do you know how my daughter died?!? She died in one of the worst ways possible. She had Sleep Paralysis. She spent the last month of her life, trapped in her sleep, having endless, horrific, hallucinations.. until it was too much. That.. that changed me. Into what I am today. I'm not a man. I'm.. a nightmare." -Ethal, to Gabe.

Benjamin Ethal is a Primary Antagonist of Nightfall: Hell on Earth. He has yet to appear in another game.


Ethal was a professor at a medical school, any Vic Wolfe was even one of his students. But his youngest daughter, Becca Ethal, was diagnosed with SPD (Sleep Paralysis Disorder", and was stuck in her mind having horrific hallucinations until she died. Furious at her doctor for not saving her, he followed him home, shut off his power, and killed him in the dark. He was not used to the feeling of killing someone, and the guilt built up until he turned himself in to the police. He earned the nickname "Circuit Breaker". However, he was still extremely guilty, and it started to drive him mad. A day before he was going to kill himself, one of his colleges showed up in the same prison. He was Guy Tesslar, and he had an idea. Angry at St. Lawrence for disrupting his work, he wanted to turn St. Lawrence into a living hell. He made an unbeatable plan to start a riot, and even a Civil War II.


Sometime right before Nightfall begins, Lucifer visits the two in prison. He says that he will keep the Military from interfering with phase one of Civil War II, as long as Ethal retrieves a historic Plane from a train arriving in St. Lawrence.


Ethal doesn't really have a standard appearance, but he is often seen wearing a grey suit with a silver vest and white dress shirt. He has medium-length black hair and brown eyes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As Ethal isn't a superhuman, he doesn't have many powers.

  • Access to some of the most advanced tech in the world.
  • A large army of criminals and rioters.
  • A drug that will put people into Sleep Paralysis.


Ethal ranges from witty, to depressed, to angry, and insane.

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