Daniel Lupus

In-Game Information
Alias/es: Real Name Unknown

Danny Lupus


Gender: Male
Birthplace: St. Lawrence, Missouri
Species/Race: Werewolf, Caucasian-American
Misc. Information
Family Member/s: Gabriel Lupus (Brother, Alive)

Gabriel ??? (Father, Deceased) Rachael ??? (Mother, Deceased)

Current status: Alive
Location: Rapid City, Michigan
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by: N/A
Appears in: Nightfall: Hell on Earth

Nightfall: Winterlong Nightfall: Hellhound (Cameo) Toshiko Crash-Up

"No, you don't understand. This isn't about you, or me. It's not about our 'sibling rivalry'. It's about staying in control. Staying powerful. having an army of three or four people isn't going to cut it in St. Lawrence." -Danny, to his brother about his army.

Daniel Lupus (real name unknown) is a secondary protagonist of most of the Nightfall games. He has appeared in all of the games.


Danny, being Gabe's brother, lived most of the same life he did. He went through the same experiences as Gabe did, and made the same choices. At first, he was hesitant to become a vigilante, as he wanted to join the Navy. But after Gabe gave him a "pep talk", he reluctantly joined Gabe as his partner. Donning a very similar costume to Gabe, with only the mask being different, he also relied on the Katana as a signature weapon.


After several years of being a vigilante, his brother was attacked by a werewolf and badly injured. Refusing to leave his brother's side, he attempted to carry him to safety, but failed and they were both apprehended by the cops. Gabriel managed to escape the prison with his new werewolf powers. But Danny, lacking the powers, did not make it out, and was left behind in the prison. Being with all of the other remorseless, homicidal maniacs cause Danny to start acting like a remorseless, homicidal maniac himself. When the riots started and the police where spread everywhere throughout the city, he took this opportunity to overthrow the security guards and take control Of the security systems and make the prisoners his soldiers in the the War of St. Lawrence. After stealing technology from Guy Tesslar (including bulletproof vests and shock collars), and retrieving some blood from Gabe after a long battle, he created a Lycanthropy Drug that can give him the abilities, and make him turn into an even more powerful werewolf than Gabe can.


During the game he is sent to prison, and is outfitted in a orange short-sleeved prison jumpsuit. He wears a hockey mask to conceal his identity, As he is addicted to the Lycanthropy Drug, it turn's his Irises an illuminating lime green color, that eerily glow from the mask.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Danny possesses many powers and skills, Some of the abilities include:

  • The ability to turn into a werewolf when his violence is increased to a certain level.
  • Healing factor that lets him heal from injuries quickly
  • Slightly increased lifespan.
  • Master of many martial arts and weapons
  • Keen animal senses, such as enhanced senses of smelling, hearing, and vision
  • Years of combat experience.


Danny is a very serious character, and is sometime rude and angry. He is very strict to his soldiers, acting like a dictator.


If you visit the prison anytime after the game's storyline has been completed, you can connect a second controller and player two can play as him. He plays very similar to Gabe, with the only difference being that he wields twin shotguns, that are much slower but extract more HP.  The two players can roam freely, do Co-op side missions, or even fight each other.

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