Gabe Lupus

In-Game Information
Alias/es: Real Name Unknown

Gabriel Lupus Fedora

Gender: Male
Birthplace: St. Lawrence, Missouri
Species/Race: Werewolf, Caucasian-American
Misc. Information
Family Member/s: Daniel Lupus (Brother, Alive)

Gabriel ??? (Father, Deceased) Rachael ??? (Mother, Deceased)

Current status: Alive
Location: Michigan
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by: N/A
Appears in: Nightfall: Hell on Earth

Nightfall: Winterlong Nightfall: Hellhound Toshiko Crash-Up

"From what I've heard, most of the people who have been 'gifted' with these powers have turned into monsters. I have to do the best I can to control myself, and keep whatever humanity I still have." -Gabe, to his brother.

Gabriel Lupus (real name unknown) is the protagonist of most of the Nightfall games. He has appeared in all of the games.


Gabe had a pretty traumatic childhood. When he was in second grade, his school had a fire, and half of was burned down, killing several of his classmates, and possibly some friends. When he was in fourth grade, his father (who was in the navy at the time) was killed in a ship explosion. As a result of this, he started looking at fictional heroes as his father figures. One of these heroes was a superhero called the Bronze Inspector, a detective who wore a bulletproof trench coat made of bronze and a steel face mask and fedora. He would later look to this hero as inspiration for his costume as an adult. After his fathers death, and being inspired by watching Bronze Inspector cartoons, he wanted to continue his fathers work by changing the world by cleaning it of crime, town by town. After convincing his little brother to be his "partner" (he was treated more like a sidekick), at age 18 he made a costume out of a Blue hooded Jacket, a white balaclava, and Athletic Pants. He chose the Japanese Katana as his signature weapon, but some guns in his glove box just in case.


After several years of being a vigilante, he was attacked by a werewolf, and apprehended by the police along with his brother. With his new wolf abilities, he easily escaped the prison, selfishly leaving his brother behind. Retrieving his weapons from the police station, and taking a brown suit from a nearby mall, he set out to continue his quest to fight crime, under the alias Gabe Lupus. After rescuing Victor Wolfe from a hostage situation, he took Vic under his wing as his "Brains" of the team. In return, Vic gave him an altered business suit, which was used in an action movie, and was specially designed to allow stunt actors to move freely and fight better.


Gabriel's outfit consists of an athletically altered brown business suit, inspired by a childhood idol. Aside from this, he wears a matching fedora, a white balaclava, fingerless parkour gloves, and a Katana back sheath.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lupus possesses many powers and skills, Some of the abilities include:

  • The ability to turn into a werewolf when his violence is increased to a certain level.
  • Healing factor that lets him heal from injuries quickly
  • Slightly increased lifespan.
  • Master of many martial arts and weapons
  • Keen animal senses, such as enhanced senses of smelling, hearing, and vision
  • Years of combat experience.


Gabe has an interesting personality. Before he was bitten, ha s was fairly humorous and witty. This changed when he was turned into a werewolf, as it made him much more serious, determined, and sometimes irritable. However, sometimes he will act humorous for no reason, as his body is trying to revert back to normal, which will surprise certain characters.

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