Nightfall: Hell on earth
Outsider Entertainment
Isaac Tessman
Beat-em-up, Action-Adventure, Sandbox, Platformer
Game modes:
PEGI: 16
Rating details: Blood and gore, Drug use, Language, Mild suggestive themes, Violence
PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Compact disc, Blu-ray disc, Downloadable title

Nightfall: Hell on Earth, or simply Nightfall, is an open-world Beat-em-Up game developed by Outsider Entertainment.

The game follows the story of an unnamed vigilante, under the alias Gabe Lupus, who was bitten by a werewolf and given special abilities. After two men start a giant riot in the city of St. Lawrence, and a mysterious satanist arrives in town, Gabriel must use the best of his abilities to take these rogues down.


St. LawrenceEdit

Nightfall is set in the city of St. Lawrence, a mix of St. Louis, Chicago, and Detroit. After the riot started, the town went to hell. Lucifer has Sealed off any ways in or out of St. Lawrence, preventing the military from helping. Three major gangs roam the city, the Reanimated, the Jailbirds, and the Revolvers. The Reanimated are the dead brought back to life via satanism, the Jailbirds are the prisoners of a large jail after it was overthrown, and the Revolvers are part of Ethal's Revolution.

St. Lawrence is home to 8 different districts, each with their own environment. The Main Section of the game is Downtown St. Lawrence, which is a typical crime-riddled city setting. There is also: 

  • Entertainment District, an area untouched by the Riot
  • Suburbs, a largely populated suburban district.
  • Cafe District, a small district that hasn't changed much since the 50's.
  • Club District, filled with Nightclubs, Casinos, and more.
  • River Town, a "Redneck" setting.
  • Law District, where the law enforcement is centered, along with a large Prison.
  • Nature Park, a huge Urban Park.

Wolf PowersEdit

Upon being bit by a werewolf, Gabe was given abilities similar to a wolf's. These include near-invulnerability, Enhanced Senses, Super Strength, resistance to Fire and Bullets, enhanced speed, aim, and plyometrics, and the ability to turn into a full werewolf.


While Lupus is a wolf, he is completely invincible and his hits do way more damage. Along with this every one moves in slightly slower motion, allowing him to take down enemies faster and dodge attacks. His vision is greatly increased, and his enemies will glow slightly.

Several upgrades are available for most of Gabe's health and powers. Upgrades are available for purchase once the player earns enough experience points. Experience points are gained by defeating enemies and completing side missions.

Sequels and prequelsEdit

A sequel, dubbed Nightfall: Winterlong, is rumored to be in the works, following Gabe, Lobo, Threnody, and Vic's escape from St. Lawrence to a Michigan town. It is currently unknown who the main antagonist is, but is is rumored Vampires may make an appearance, as well as Ethal returning as a cameo. This game will feature less of a horror-themed rogues gallery. 

A prequel game for portable consoles titled Nightfall: Hellhound, featuring a new protagonist is also in the works. However, this protagonist will we a Hellhound, which is a man that can turn into a hellish dog, rather than a wolf.

Three sets of 6-issue comic books will be released. One that takes place before Nightfall, one between the first and second game, and one as an epilogue to the second game.

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